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Leader Follower Relationships: The Workplace Dance

The one workshop every workplace leader and every follower should take, this powerful interactive half-day unpacks the 5 timeless conditions of healthy productive leader / follower relationships. During this employee version of the Workplace Dance, participants discover how to build stronger, more satisfying relationships with the men and women they report to, along the way becoming more valued team members and building more successful careers.

In a North American culture that dislikes authority and places high value on personal freedoms, a great many people do not know how to follow well, or even what this simple but provocative phrase really means. The result is corporate chaos, discord, resistance to change, and discontent.

This workshop material also makes a great keynote speech for retreats and corporate gatherings.

Workshop Highlights:

  • A new way of looking at the organization as a corporate body that will change the way employees see accountability and their place as a part of something bigger.
  • The way our culture negatively influences the workplace experience.
  • Five powerful conditions that define strong leader / follower relationships.
  • The characteristics of good direction.
  • The trap of buy-in and the far more powerful principle of acceptance.
  • The keys to resolving differences constructively.
  • Three powerful reasons everyone must know how to follow.

Working on leader / follower relationships is working on the organization at its most powerful, most elemental level - get these right and you'll gain a competitive advantage that is hard to match. You'll build a change friendly culture and high performance as you discover how to attract, motivate and retain talent.


December 2017

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"Dan Gaynor has some very special talents. Dan assisted us in 2004 in building stronger, healthier business and personal relationships. He carefully and sensitively researched our partnership issues before starting the group facilitation. His common sense, practical approach was very effective in resolving many difficulties and creating an environment of trust. Is our group more cohesive as a result of Dan`s involvement? Absolutely!"
– Ron Dick, Dick Cook Schulli Chartered Accountants