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Vision And Culture: The Inspiration Teams Run On

Vision and culture are the foundations of leadership, without these two counterparts, teams lack the inspiration they need to reach for new heights of performance. Many teams lack strong vision, others are often pursuing a vision that lacks the power to inspire. The wrong vision can discourage a team.

Culture is among the most powerful leadership forces, it is not what your organization does, but the way you do it – the unique set of values and practices that make one organization a different place to work than another. Creating the right culture is a prerequisite to building performance and it is the key to attracting, motivating and retaining talented people. While most leaders are victimized by it, the best are architects of culture. They understand its power and build strong corporate cultures purposefully.

During this half-day highly interactive workshop we unpack vision and culture, giving participants a head start on shaping a culture that will inspire and guide the development of a high performance team. Many leaders confront and answer two important questions during this workshop: What is our vision? What is the culture we have today and what is the culture we want for the future?

Workshop Overview:

  • Learn why vision is every leader's greatest opportunity.
  • The roles vision plays in building performance.
  • Three key facets of effective vision.
  • Five characteristics of effective vision.
  • Giving vision traction and turning it into performance.
  • Culture defined.
  • Understanding the power of culture.
  • Hallmarks of healthy culture
  • Designing your corporate culture.
  • The forces and 3 stage process of culture change.
  • The leader's role.

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your leaders with this essential skill.


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"While many management consultants can speak to wonderful theories of leadership, Dan has been there, in senior executive positions at large organizations. This is what sets Dan apart - he clearly and effectively presents to all levels in the organization - from the newly hired supervisor to senior executives. What is most impressive is that these leadership principles are truly effective. It has been a real pleasure working with Dan Gaynor."
– Mike Irvine, former CFO & VP Finance, Sunshine Village Corporation.