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Feedback: The DNA of Strong Teams

"In my early thirties, I heard someone ask the question, 'If there were no praise or criticism in the world, then who would you be?'" – Howard Behar. It's Not About The Coffee.

Great teams don't happen overnight, they are built one person one situation at a time by leaders with well developed feedback habits. Yet when you ask employees most reply that they don't get nearly as much feedback as they would like, and that the feedback they do receive is often poorly delivered. Leaders, for their part know they should provide more feedback but lack the skill and confidence to dive in and start talking about performance skillfully. Sharpening feedback skills is often the fastest way for leaders to become more effective.

During this half-day highly interactive workshop, participants will discover the seven indispensable roles feedback plays as they learn how to skillfully encourage the right behavior and correct the wrong behavior.

Workshop Overview:

  • The employee perspective
  • The seven roles feedback plays, including unveiling characteristic behavior and ensuring fairness.
  • Frequency and duration of a typical feedback installment.
  • Encouragement and correction – the two variations of feedback.
  • A specific three step pattern for delivering high quality feedback.
  • The seven characteristics of quality feedback
  • Feedback and annual performance reviews.
  • Building a feedback relationship.

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your leaders with this essential skill.


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"Dan Gaynor is a key contributor to the success of our Leadership Program for the development of both our current managers and our leaders of tomorrow. Dan's passion for leadership has inspired all of us, including our employees, to develop much stronger employment relationships. His one-on-one coaching has enabled our leaders to better set the direction for our employees and the work they do. Dan's years of experience as a leader have provided us with simple, directly applicable techniques to enhance our leadership skills and achieve results."
– Doug Harrison, P. Eng. Vice President, Stuart Olson Dominion Construction