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Team Building

Turning ordinary teams into a high performance teams is at the heart of transformational leadership. All truly successful leaders have a drive to build their teams and not simply run them. They know that great teams don't happen by accident, they are the result of skillful leaders taking purposeful steps. They start with vision then progress through role clarity and performance management, as strong leaders make every performance count. Drawing on a career's worth of experience in building high performance teams, this workshop unpacks the "how and why" of team building.

Workshop Overview:

  • The leader's perspective
  • The organization as a corporate body
  • Team building vision
  • The team building steps
  • The importance of role clarity, performance and accountability
  • The simple and powerful principle of "Job Fit"
  • The biggest restraint

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your leaders with this essential skill.


December 2017

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"Dan Gaynor is a key contributor to the success of our Leadership Program for the development of both our current managers and our leaders of tomorrow. Dan's passion for leadership has inspired all of us, including our employees, to develop much stronger employment relationships. His one-on-one coaching has enabled our leaders to better set the direction for our employees and the work they do. Dan's years of experience as a leader have provided us with simple, directly applicable techniques to enhance our leadership skills and achieve results."
– Doug Harrison, P. Eng. Vice President, Stuart Olson Dominion Construction