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Hiring The Right People: Practices Of Effective Search And Interviewing

Hiring the right person, is often one of the greatest team building opportunities. The right person can build team performance and help you turn your culture in the right direction. The wrong person can be an expensive setback, as you deal with the negative impact he or she has had on the team and you repeat the costs of the search, orientation and training process. It makes sense to make sure your search and interviewing practices position you for success.

During this half-day workshop participants will discover how to increase the odds of hiring the right people the first time and role play interviewing skills to help them write effective questions and sharpen key skills.

Workshop Overview:

  • The opportunity and cost of getting it right and wrong.
  • The connection to succession planning.
  • The importance of, and keys to developing a clear profile.
  • The biggest mistakes
  • Understanding characteristic behavior.
  • Looking for positive patterns.
  • Keys to effective questions and listening skills.
  • The second interview
  • Searching for and affirming a culture match.
  • Effective reference checks.


December 2017

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