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Performance Management and Difficult Conversations

"If you perform well, we'll get along just fine. If you don't you are going to give me push-ups."
– Colin Powell.

Skillful leaders know that every performance tells a story. They pay attention and respond skillfully, rewarding strong performance and issuing "push-ups" when they are necessary. Along the way followers learn more about their strengths and weaknesses as the organization grows ever stronger and more capable. But a fear of conflict and an aversion to pain causes many leaders avoid the most important and often difficult conversations.

Poor performers present the tests of conscience that leave leaders hesitating and unsure. In this foundational workshop participants discover an approach to managing performance that serves both people and the organization, learning that the most caring leaders don't have to choose between the organization and people. We examine the process, but more importantly, the big forces that hold leaders back - pain and conflict. Participants learn how to respond to performance both good and poor and focus on the difficult conversation with small group role plays. This is a must have workshop for every team that hopes to reach for its fullest potential.

Workshop Overview:

  • Performance management and the corporate body
  • The performance cycle
  • Three essential concepts: the corporate body, job fit and accountability.
  • Encouraging strong performers
  • Knowing when to end a relationship
  • The dynamics of pain and conflict
  • 9 Keys to constructive conflict and the difficult conversation
  • Avoiding "Tin Ear Syndrome"
  • Progressive discipline
  • Meeting the test of fairness


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"Dan Gaynor has some very special talents. Dan assisted us in 2004 in building stronger, healthier business and personal relationships. He carefully and sensitively researched our partnership issues before starting the group facilitation. His common sense, practical approach was very effective in resolving many difficulties and creating an environment of trust. Is our group more cohesive as a result of Dan`s involvement? Absolutely!"
– Ron Dick, Dick Cook Schulli Chartered Accountants