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Leading Through Stormy Seas

You can only tell the strength of a submarine's hull when you take it down – it's pressure that reveals the cracks.

Leaders are not defined by their efforts when things are going well, the most defining moments come when the team faces hardship and needs good leadership most. Make the wrong moves in these critical periods and performance will decline just when everyone needs it most.

Virtually all teams face hardship at some point. Alberta's boom and bust oil economy makes this inevitable. These are the situations that test leaders most and can build or break teams. Leading people through them takes a different approach than business as usual. When teams are well led, a stormy sea can produce accelerated team development, however these same periods can also break confidence and lead to big setbacks.

Drawing on the experience of leading teams through several stormy seas, Dan offers a powerful and practical workshop that will prepare the members of your leadership team through the toughest challenges with confidence.

Workshop Overview:

  • The unique opportunity and risk presented by a stormy sea.
  • Understanding the changing mission.
  • Overcoming the distraction of fear and worry.
  • The leader's role as encourager.
  • Responding to pressure.
  • Leading from the front.
  • Attacking "victim mentality."
  • Tightening focus and taking control.
  • Rising to the new communication demands
  • Building a plan.
  • Celebrating success and reinforcing the team message.

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your leaders with this essential skill.


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"Dan has the ability to bring all aspects of leadership into sharp focus by bringing his wealth of personal experiences blended with his currency in current leadership thinking. One on one as a coach-mentor or in a team building workshop Dan brings instant credibility to topics that one does not normally think of in daily routines. He provides ample insights where one can improve upon current practice. Dan's passion for the role of a Leader is truly stimulating and instills a sense of renewed purpose."
– Les Panek, Senior Vice President, Environment, AMEC Earth and Environmental