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Feedback For Employees

"In my early thirties, I heard someone ask the question, 'If there were no praise or criticism in the world, then who would you be?'" – Howard Behar. It's Not About The Coffee.

Great teams don't happen overnight, great careers are not built overnight, they are built one situation at a time when leaders know how to provide high quality feedback and employees know how to receive it. Yet when you ask most employees about receiving feedback, most reply that they would like more feedback and that they are a little nervous about receiving it. This workshop has been designed to focus on the employee side of the feedback relationship, by helping employees see the value of feedback, know what to expect, and get into the right frame of mind to receive it well and grow with it. This workshop woks very well when combined with the leadership version, to prepare and motivate the entire organization to build a culture in which frequently high quality feedback becomes commonplace.

Workshop Overview:

  • The employee perspective
  • The seven roles feedback plays.
  • Frequency and duration of a typical feedback instalment.
  • Encouragement and correction – the two variations of feedback.
  • A specific three step pattern for delivering high quality feedback.
  • The seven characteristics of quality feedback
  • Receving feedback well

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your leaders with this essential skill.


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"We have the privilege of working with Dan as he is helping our Board of Directors gain a better insight into making organizational changes to the Calgary Real Estate Board. Our directors found his breadth of experience and knowledge to be very helpful. He has a direct, common sense approach that is easily understood and that gives our group a higher level of understanding as to what we need to do in moving our organization to a higher level of governance. Dan's practical approach in dealing with our issues has helped us assimilate the changes we need to incorporate. He is a very credible management consultant whose passion for his work gives his message more clarity and impact. Dan continues to work with the Calgary Real Estate Board directors and senior management team as we continue pursuing our goal of best practices in good governance."
– Ron Esch, CEO, Calgary Real Estate Board