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Change Management: 10 Steps

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." - Jimmy Dean

Adjusting the sails can be difficult, it's hard work. To be successful the effort must be well led. Periods of change are not business as usual, teams are weakened or strengthened by them. Change management exposes leadership strengths and weaknesses. Get it wrong and the change you should have been able to implement in months can drag on for years, holding your organization back. How prepared is your leadership team to take on the changes you know you must make?

My senior executive career included several significant and successful change efforts - three integrations, the resolution of two labour disputes, and several other cultural and strategic change efforts. Drawing on this first hand experience, I offer a half-day workshop to share the 10 step approach I used to lead several successful change efforts.

During this half-day workshop your team will discover:

  • The importance of relationships in supporting change management and the keys to building relationships that support change.
  • The keys to participative decision making and the problems presented by a consensus approach.
  • The problem with buy-in and the much stronger alternative of acceptance.
  • Using vision and reason to build support.
  • The essential role of honesty.
  • The importance of clear direction and strong leadership, including eight practical keys to providing good direction.
  • Change oriented communication practices.
  • Responding to supporters and detractors.
  • Celebrating progress and building momentum.

This highly practical half-day will leave your team feeling confident and prepared to take on the changes you know you must lead.


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"We have the privilege of working with Dan as he is helping our Board of Directors gain a better insight into making organizational changes to the Calgary Real Estate Board. Our directors found his breadth of experience and knowledge to be very helpful. He has a direct, common sense approach that is easily understood and that gives our group a higher level of understanding as to what we need to do in moving our organization to a higher level of governance. Dan's practical approach in dealing with our issues has helped us assimilate the changes we need to incorporate. He is a very credible management consultant whose passion for his work gives his message more clarity and impact. Dan continues to work with the Calgary Real Estate Board directors and senior management team as we continue pursuing our goal of best practices in good governance."
– Ron Esch, CEO, Calgary Real Estate Board