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7 Powerful Choices

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." – Abraham Lincoln.

Leadership is all about choice, and the choices leaders make are powerful, impacting the lives of many people and often the futures of their organizations. During this half-day highly interactive workshop we unpack the seven most powerful choices a leader makes and participants are given several break-outs to consider the power of their choices and examples of leaders who have made the right and wrong choices.

Workshop overview, the seven choices:

  1. Team or self: the leader's focus
  2. Close or distant: the way we approach relationships
  3. Build up or tear down: the way we choose words
  4. Confront or avoid: the leader's interventions
  5. Control or set free: the leader's grip
  6. Accept or resist: the willingness to follow well
  7. Sincerity or hypocrisy: the leader's example

This is one workshop that often has a powerful and lasting effect on participants. Don't miss this opportunity to understand the choices leaders make and often don't think much about. This topic is also presented as a keynote address, ideal for retreats, large group meetings or conventions.


December 2017

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"I came across Dan Gaynor's coaching three years after I took the team leader role. Dan taught me how to lead and grow a team, how to develop talented employees and how to build a good communication network among leaders. My management skills are more solid and I am more confident leading my team."
– Iris Fung, Senior Estimator, Trico Connect.