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10 Habits For Success At Work

The big idea that inspired this workshop is this: the people who have the most successful and satisfying experiences at work, have them for a reason - they have the right habits. Originally developed for employee groups this has quickly become a client favorite for both leader and employee development.

Taken to heart, this half-day has the potential to change participant's experience at work, often correcting and confronting the poor habits they may not have recognized and replacing them with habits that lead to success and increase the contribution they make to their organizations.

This workshop material also makes a great keynote speech for retreats and corporate gatherings.

Workshop Overview – the 10 habits:

  1. Embrace the vision
  2. Choose optimism
  3. Do what you like and do best
  4. Follow well
  5. Do what is most important
  6. Earn your place one day at a time
  7. Make a commitment to learning
  8. Create value
  9. Maintain balance
  10. Don't sit on the bench


December 2017

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"While many management consultants can speak to wonderful theories of leadership, Dan has been there, in senior executive positions at large organizations. This is what sets Dan apart - he clearly and effectively presents to all levels in the organization - from the newly hired supervisor to senior executives. What is most impressive is that these leadership principles are truly effective. It has been a real pleasure working with Dan Gaynor."
– Mike Irvine, former CFO & VP Finance, Sunshine Village Corporation.