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If you are looking for a lego building retreat experience, this is not the place. If however you might be interested in a team building retreat that focuses on the practices that really make for high performance teams, one based in an experienced leader's insights, I might have just the retreat for you.

The team building retreats I offer are built around work that is grounded in my years of experience (see bio) developing high performance teams and leading transformations across Canadian newspapers, as well as almost 15 years now working with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors as a teacher and individual leadership coach.

I came to believe early in my career that masterpiece teams don't just happen. They are the product of determined leaders who create them based on timeless leadership and team building principles. These are the very principles I share during team building retreats.

We explore questions like:

  • What is the role of vision and mission?
  • What do great leaders bring to the team and what are the biggest mistakes they make?
  • What do the best team members bring to the effort?
  • How do great leaders go about creating the right culture intentionally?
  • How do we go about developing a leadership team that works as a team and avoids the biggest mistakes?
  • How do strong teams turn their differences into strengths rather than sources of conflict?

My commitment is to ensure your team leaves a retreat feeling inspired and equipped in practical ways to take the team you are leading to higher levels of performance as you create the kind of satisfying workplace that attracts, engages, inspires and retains the most talented people. And I promise... no Lego exercises.

If you are looking for a retreat to energize and inform your team why not call or write to learn more.


December 2017

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The off-site leadership development you have been waiting for and the ideal addition to your leadership curriculum. These affordable and highly acclaimed 1/2 day workshops will equip the members of your leadership team with the practical skills they need to build team performance. Check out the course offerings for Winter 2016 here.   Learn More »


"The Heart & Hands Leadership workshops are the most practical, readily applicable and inspiring pieces of leadership training I've ever had the privilege of attending. To put this in context, I started leadership training 45 years ago at a military academy, put it into practice first in the Vietnam war zone, and then for the next 40 years I've applied what I've learned in the business & local government realms. Looking back, I wish I had Dan as my instructor in that first leadership course."
– Harry Harker, MCIP, ACP, Town Manager, Town of High River, AB