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Every team reflects it's leadership. Strong successful teams are always the product of caring and skillful leaders taking the right steps and avoiding the wrong ones. Good leadership is the key to attracting, motivating and retaining the most talented employees. While many of us know this at some level, we don't always act on it. Like anything else, skillful leadership is the product of a sustained and deliberate effort to improve. Are you giving the members of your leadership team the support and resources they need to continue developing their skills?

Following my own executive leadership career, as the president of two large daily newspapers and a senior executive in others, I started Gaynor Consulting in the Spring of 2003 to pass on what I have learned about effective leadership. Today I teach the same skills that I honed and taught to the members of my leadership teams: skills like feedback, vision, communication, the essentials of leading and following well, performance management, workplace coaching, building culture and hiring the right people to name just a shortened list. I know they get results because they were tested during my own experience leading teams through a variety of challenges. I take a practical approach and I don't teach trendy or faddish leadership. Real and powerful leadership is built on timeless principles.

I teach from a body of practical hands-on senior leadership experience, that included several turnarounds and three integrations, see bio. To help organizations develop their leadership bench strength I offer half-day leadership training workshops, executive coaching, keynote speaking, retreats and consulting services.

If you are thinking about a leadership training program or a getaway with your leadership team why not call or write me to explore the possibilities.

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Leadership Training:


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Feedback: The DNA of Strong Teams
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December 2017

Lead Like Scrooge

At this time of year it seems fitting to turn to Dickens with A Christmas Carol for some seasonal leadership inspiration. Let's see what we can learn from one of literature's most well known bosses – Ebenezer Scrooge.  Read More »


The off-site leadership development you have been waiting for and the ideal addition to your leadership curriculum. These affordable and highly acclaimed 1/2 day workshops will equip the members of your leadership team with the practical skills they need to build team performance. Check out the course offerings for Winter 2016 here.   Learn More »


Without a doubt, there are few people as capable and competent as Dan Gaynor when it comes to improving the culture and organizational effectiveness of any business. His strength in delivering leadership and team development programs is unprecedented."
– Julia Kamula, Executive Vice President of Operations, Central Canada – Sun Media