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Check out our series of high performance e-books. Each focuses on a specific powerful and practical leadership skill. These e-books average 20 pages in length and have been developed for self-study. They include powerful insights into performance building leadership as well as exercises you complete to help you gain a deeper understanding. Complete the exercises on your own or review them with a colleague or boss.

At only $5.00 each these powerful little e-books will be the best investment you make in your growth as a leader.

Excellence in Leadership and Workplace Development

High Performance Feedback

The DNA of Team Development

Did you know that feedback can help you unveil characteristic behavior? Learn why feedback is such an essential skill and how to provide the kind of feedback that builds team performance...

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High Performance Coaching

Turning Talent into Strength

Did you know that it is coaching that turns leaders into mentors? Learn how to develop the coaching skills you need to build commitment and take your team to new more powerful performance...

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Resolving Performance Issues

The Tests of Conscience

Did you know that emotional pain can be a constructive force for change and growth? Learn how to resolve performance issues in a way that serves the team, the mission and the people involved...

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High Performance Communication

Inform and Engage

Did you know that words are among a leader's most basic and yet most powerful tools? Learn how to build communication habits that build engagement and commitment...

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Leadership Power

Using Power as a Creative Building Force

Did you know that power in the hands of a skillful leader is essential to team building? The way leaders use power is among their most defining characteristics. Learn how to use power with skill and integrity...

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High Performance Hiring

Hire the Right People the First Time

Did you know that skills and experience are only the price of entry, it is the cultural fit that matters most. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes and find the people your team needs...

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December 2017

Lead Like Scrooge

At this time of year it seems fitting to turn to Dickens with A Christmas Carol for some seasonal leadership inspiration. Let's see what we can learn from one of literature's most well known bosses – Ebenezer Scrooge.  Read More »


The off-site leadership development you have been waiting for and the ideal addition to your leadership curriculum. These affordable and highly acclaimed 1/2 day workshops will equip the members of your leadership team with the practical skills they need to build team performance. Check out the course offerings for Winter 2016 here.   Learn More »


"We have the privilege of working with Dan as he is helping our Board of Directors gain a better insight into making organizational changes to the Calgary Real Estate Board. Our directors found his breadth of experience and knowledge to be very helpful. He has a direct, common sense approach that is easily understood and that gives our group a higher level of understanding as to what we need to do in moving our organization to a higher level of governance. Dan's practical approach in dealing with our issues has helped us assimilate the changes we need to incorporate. He is a very credible management consultant whose passion for his work gives his message more clarity and impact. Dan continues to work with the Calgary Real Estate Board directors and senior management team as we continue pursuing our goal of best practices in good governance."
– Ron Esch, CEO, Calgary Real Estate Board