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The Heart And Hands Of Leadership:

The Twelve Timeless Practices Of Effective Leaders

160 pages, published by Kingsley Publishing

After 15 years in executive leadership, I felt the time had come to share what I have learned about leading well to build dedicated high performance teams. I set out to write a book that would be a good read and a highly trustworthy and guide to skillful leadership. I wanted a book that would help good leaders get better by giving them the kind of practical advice they could put to work with their own teams, right away.

Part one of the book describes the way character, motivations and relationships affect leadership. Part two offers twelve chapters describing the timeless practices I believe successful leaders have always used to build strong teams.

Each chapter concludes with discussion questions that are ideal for self of small group reflection and study. Excerpts from the book are available at www.heartandhandsofleadership.com

E-book format ($7.99 CAD) available through Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Overdrive.

Softcover ($17.00 CAD plus shipping) available at www.heartandhandsofleadership.com

What others are saying:

"Dan's invaluable insight is something that will stand the test of time. This is the most powerful explanation of what true leadership is, and how to execute it. I wish it would have been available to me when I started my career. Within days of implementing his principles, I have witnessed positive results in areas that I had struggled with for years. Amazing!"
Robert Wagler - Westridge Electric Ltd.

"Dan Gaynor's book inspires me to be both a better leader and a better follower."
— Jeff McCaig, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Trimac Transportation Ltd.

"Finally a perspective that understands the delicate balance of leadership. Dan makes an irrefutable case for the power of authenticity and caring when coupled with high expectations and accountability."
— Dr. Lucy Miller, President and CEO, United Way of Calgary and Area

"Dan truly captures the essence of leadership in this book. Anyone who thinks they are a leader or has influence over any other human being, should read this book. Read it, you may be surprised by what you discover about yourself."
—Clark Grue, President and CEO, Rainmaker Global Business Development.

"If like me, your goal is to become the 'leader your team has hoped for,' it won't be enough to read this book and give it a prominent spot on your bookshelf. This is one you'll want to share with your followers."
— Alan Tennant, CEO, The Calgary Real Estate Board.

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. Wish I had it 30 years ago! Any leader with the correct DNA will grow significantly by putting your experience into practice. Well done!"
—Doug Harrison, Ret. Executive Vice President, Stuart Olson Dominion Construction

To read the introduction or view the table of contents visit www.heartandhandsofleadership.com.


From Chapter 18, Make Every Performance Count

"An aversion to conflict can prevent leaders from confronting performance problems. Because their aversion is often greater than their frustration with the problem, they avoid confrontation. Eventually, the frustration mounts until they do something. By this time, they are usually more emotional and less effective than they should be. When you can accept constructive conflict as a normal part of your work you are more likely to act before the situation escalates, and you will be less prone to overreact.

Catching problems early is critical. As noted in an earlier chapter, people are able to make small changes more readily than big ones, especially when problems are corrected before they become hardened habits. They are also more likely to appreciate the connection between positive behaviours and success when it is pointed out promptly. Delays intensify the trauma when bad habits are finally confronted."

Please visit the "The Heart And Hands Of Leadership" book website to see more excerpts.


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"Dan Gaynor's capacity to tailor his material to each specific audience is just one of the great reasons that made yesterday's workshop so rich and dynamic. Under the title "The Heart & Hands of Leadership", Dan skilfully shared with his audience of Team Leaders from the Alzheimer Society of Calgary his many years of experience as a successful leader and trainer. His sound, yet simple insight into the field of leadership will serve as a solid platform on which to build the future stages of our organization."
– Jorge O. Avilés, Executive Director, Alzheimer Society of Calgary