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Serving on several community boards as the president to two different daily newspapers, and assisting several others as an advisor and consultant, has provided me with a front row seat to high performing boards as well as a couple that more room for improvement. This experience, as well as my lifelong enthusiasm for strong leadership and team fundamentals, has formed the foundation of my approach to board development.

To meet a growing interest in board development I've developed a half-day board workshop that takes a five point approach to helping boards at all stages improve:

Vision and Mission: Every strong board must be vision and mission driven, understanding how these two guide board activities is essential.

Governance: Strong boards understand their governance approach and the way it informs the division of duties between the staff and board of directors. Understanding how your board best adds value within your governance approach is essential board development work.

Culture: Experience has convinced me that board culture is at least as important as board governance. The best boards assess their culture and work purposefully at shaping a culture that brings out the best from everyone around the table. My work on culture draws on years of experience as an executive leader, a member of several boards, and a consultant.

Strategic Planning: All boards have a role in working with the staff leadership team to develop a strategic plan that establishes the right priorities and advances the organization's vision and mission. I offer a simple clear and powerful approach to strategic planning developed over years of developing and executing my own strategic plans as a newspaper executive.

Effective meetings: Years of board meetings, some effective, some much less so, have given me a good perspective on the mistakes to be avoided and at the practices that lead to the most productive and satisfying time together.

Whether you're bringing on new board members or feel your current board of directors might benefit from a day of development I'd be pleased to meet to talk about tailoring a workshop to meet the needs of your situation.

Board of Directors Development

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"I came across Dan Gaynor's coaching three years after I took the team leader role. Dan taught me how to lead and grow a team, how to develop talented employees and how to build a good communication network among leaders. My management skills are more solid and I am more confident leading my team."
– Iris Fung, Senior Estimator, Trico Connect.