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About Dan Gaynor

For as long as I can recall, I have had a passion for building high performance teams through skillful leadership. I entered the workforce by following my father's footsteps into the newspaper business as an advertising sales rep. My first leadership role was as one of five sales supervisors at a large daily newspaper, leading six sales reps and a sales administrator.

As my career progressed through positions including sales manager, vice president, director of sales at corporate office and then president at two different daily newspapers, I led teams through several challenging situations, including integrations, turnarounds and labour unrest. I have led in non-union and unionized environments. Each time, I appointed the members of my leadership teams with care and then worked tirelessly at helping them become better, more skillful leaders. I believed then as I do now that every team reflects its leadership. As leadership gets better, corporate performance improves. I demonstrated this over and over again.

In 2003 our company was purchased by another and the change in ownership signalled a time for personal change. I left my newspaper career and wrote a book to capture what I had learned through a career in transformational leadership. That same year I formed Gaynor Consulting. As you might imagine, over a decade now of working with a wide variety of clients has only enriched my own leadership development and given me a broader base of experience to draw upon.

I approach my work from the perspective of someone who has lived leadership personally through a wide variety of challenging situations across multiple markets. If you think my work might be a fit, please write or call to learn more.

Dan Gaynor, President, Gaynor Consulting Inc.

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December 2017

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"I came across Dan Gaynor's coaching three years after I took the team leader role. Dan taught me how to lead and grow a team, how to develop talented employees and how to build a good communication network among leaders. My management skills are more solid and I am more confident leading my team."
– Iris Fung, Senior Estimator, Trico Connect.